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The art of persuasion really is an art form.

From getting kids to eat their vegetables to getting a hesitant customer to agree to make a purchase, it’s not always easy to get everyone on board and ready to do what you want. Research into persuasion techniques continues to advance our understanding of ways to get others to comply without creating a fuss. Here are the top persuasion techniques that you can use to win more customers.

Disrupt Then Reframe

The key to successfully utilizing this technique is to disrupt the customer’s intuitive thinking process by playing with words a little as you communicate. This can be as simple as changing the word “cupcakes” into “halfcakes,” to sell more baked goods. After you’ve disrupted the thinking process, you need to reframe while their cognitive faculties are disoriented. This could be as simple as ending your sales pitch with “it’s a bargain!” or “it’s good for you!” to remind them that your request is worth it. Reframing only works within the moment of distraction. By placing the disruption first, it is believed to increase susceptibility to the reframing statement and reduce counter-arguments.

Legitimize Small Favors

Legitimizing small favors means you make even the smallest amount of help sound legitimate and useful. This technique works well because compliance is made less avoidable when the smallest amount of assistance is required because it makes excuses for failing to participate inapplicable.

But You Are Free Method

This technique is straightforward to use and can double your chances of someone saying yes to you. First, to use this technique, you need to make your request. Then follow it with the convincing punchline, “but you are free.” All you’re doing is reminding them they have a choice. The exact wording isn’t important. You can get results using whichever phrase you want, like “you don’t have to feel obligated,” or “but you don’t have.”

The door in the Face Technique

The door in the face technique involves requesting something that is likely to be refused, immediately followed by an offer that you really want your potential customers to accept. It is essential to avoid any delay between making the unrealistic request and the second less demanding request.


Winning more customers and increasing your sales is easy if you understand the various persuasion techniques that are available to you. While not every method will work in every situation, it’s a good idea to have a clear understanding of how they all work.

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